Rocket League: A Beginners Guide

Rocket League is currently celebrating the 80's in its latest season. Players who participate can earn cassettes which unlock season exclusive car customization's that pay homage to 80's pop culture.

Incase you've been living under a rock, Rocket League is an e-sport multiplayer game where cars manuever a giant ball into each others goal. The game can be played as 1v1,2v2,3v3 and 4v4. 

The main reason to play Rocket League as South African is that this is one of the few games available with a South African server. There aren't many South Africans playing but should you get a match, the connectivity to other South Africans will be great.

From 2v2 upwards Rocket League is an excellent cooperatively multiplayer game.

The cars are far from realistic, even the batmobile is available in multiple forms but if you are a speed demon the speed this game plays at may have some appeal to you.

The game allows anyone to create tournaments which can be public or passworded, making it easy for organized play sessions.

Rocket League is also cross platform. You can play on any platform from the PC all the way to the switch and end up playing with friends who own Rocket League on a different platform.

If you do end up playing Rocket League as a South African, i highly recommend selecting both South African and Europe as play regions as this makes up for the lack of a South African player population.